Top Three Buy to Let in Hull

Famous for Humbrol paints, Philip Larkin, tiny windows, and strange road names, Hull is a hidden gem of Yorkshire. Hull is also the 2017 City of Culture and with its Larkin legacy, individual cream telephone boxes, and the Humber Bridge, it’s easy to see why.

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Pro's and con's of shared ownership

With the ever increasing cost in living only going one way, more and more first time buyers are looking for more affordable ways in which to purchase their first home. Shared ownership schemes are offered by housing associations and allow you to part-buy and part-rent your home.

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Is It Wise to Rent Before Buying?

While the dream for most people is to purchase their own home, renting a property before buying can be hugely advantageous. Due to rising house prices, static job pay and several other reasons, buying your own home isn’t necessarily possible at first. However, there are many other reasons why you might want to give renting a go. Here is our guide to renting before buying.

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Cron Job Starts