Top Three Buy to Let in Coventry

Coventry sits in a brilliant position. Its location in spitting distance of Birmingham makes it a great alternative to the prices and bustle of Britain’s second city (just don’t say that too loudly in front of any Mancunians), and it is only a one-hour train journey to London.

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Building Below Ground: What You Need to Know About Basements

Basements are very popular with homeowners, especially in certain areas of the UK like London. They provide the opportunity to increase the size of your property without making changes to its outer appearance, and they can be used for many purposes. Here's a guide to what you need to know about basements.

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London House Prices Could Rise in Immediate Brexit Aftermath

While lots of commentators are saying the Brexit vote will mean a spell of falling house prices, others disagree. There are a number of views and predictions of an immediate increase, in the London market at least, as overseas investors look to get more for their money while the pound is in free fall.

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