Small print that could take away your Rental Property

Many landlords think of mortgages as an equal agreement between lender and property owner. But through small print terms, the odds are actually stacked high in the lender’s favour. Ezylet looks at some of the costly implications of breaching your mortgage terms.

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Rental properties make great homes but reform is needed

What really makes a house a home? With the Government’s fixation on buying, it’s hard for tenants in rental houses and rental flats to truly settle. But with some long-overdue reform to the Tenant and Landlord Act, we say property rental can make the happy home you deserve too.

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What about help with property rental price rises

With over £1bn poured into the Help to Buy scheme, the UK government is still treating those of us who prefer house rental or flat rental as second-class citizens. We ask why Britain’s 4.2m private tenants aren’t getting the property rental support they deserve.

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