2018 property news round up

As another year comes to an end, it’s always interesting to reflect on what the past 12 months have brought. In the world of property, there have been many changes and big news stories that have come and gone and we’d like to share a few that have lingered on in our – and others’ minds.

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Post Christmas pre New Years Household Things to do

Although you may still have half a turkey in the fridge - and may still be finding glitter on just about everything you touch - Christmas is officially over for another year.  Before you recycle all those cards and get your glad rags ready for New Year’s Eve, there are a few things you can do to make sure that your home is ready for 2019 too.

Reclaim your rooms

For many of us, Christmas means entertaining and, sometimes, overnight guests and, the departure of those guests can often leave your home looking like a hurricane’s hit it.  During the dip between Christmas and New Year, take the opportunity to strip the bedding from the spare room and pop it into the wash while you turn the room back into your office, sewing room or spare wardrobe.

Dial down the decs

Although we’re still officially within the 12 days of Christmas, this is a good time to tone down the decorations - particularly if your festive decor is ‘enthusiastic’.  During this time, many people like to take down most of their decorations, leaving just the tree for a bit of sparkle to see them into the new year.  Packing away the bulk of the decorations and ornaments now means that there’ll be less to do in the new year when you’re back at work.

Springing into the new year

Although you may be in a chocolate and mince pie induced coma and, the last thing you feel like doing is cleaning, giving your home a bit of a freshen up is a great way to start a new year.  While you’re throwing out yards of wrapping paper and recycling cracker jokes, set aside a couple of hours to tackle the cleaning jobs you put off because you were too busy with the Christmas shopping (and celebrating).

New life for a new year

Once your tree and decorations are put away, it may feel that your home looks a little bare.  Invest in some colourful plants to replace them and add a cheerful touch for the year to come.


That’s not ‘do it in the new year’ but, ‘do it now yourself’.  Inbetween Christmas and New Year, you no longer have to entertain Granny or play endless rounds of Trivial Pursuit so, this is the perfect time to do those niggling DIY projects that you never got around to in 2018.

Making memories

If you can’t bear to throw away the Christmas cards once the season is over, try making a memory board by sticking the cards, along with some of your Christmas photographs, onto a board and framing it.  You can then add this to your festive decorating the following year.

Start a new year home calendar

Despite what they say about resolutions, most of us can’t help making them.  This year, give yourself a helping hand by creating a new year home calendar and, for each month, mark a job or project that you’ll do for your home.  Tasking yourself with one project a month is a lot less overwhelming than trying (and failing) to do everything at once. 

As the year comes to an end and, a new one approaches, take some time to pamper your home ready to relax in during those cold January nights

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