Scotland's Landlord Association calls for Universal Credit rent payments to be made direct

Following the introduction of Universal Credit and the phased switch onto it from previous benefits, there have been various complaints about the system, particularly in relation to rent payments. Alongside headlines in local English newspapers branding it a shambolic system that is pushing families into rent arears, the Scottish Association of Landlords (SAL) has called for the rental element of Universal Credit to be paid directly to landlords.

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Pillow Talk - A Guide To A Better Night’s Sleep

When thinking about day to day problems, one of the biggest issues for adults is not getting enough sleep.  Whether it’s too many late nights or stress keeping us awake, it’s estimated that a third of working adults don’t get enough sleep, with many surviving on just a few hours a night.

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When Should You Compromise when Buying a Home?

You set out to buy a new home with a picture in your mind of exactly how you want it to be. But once you start the search, you find that you have to make compromises somewhere. This is a common situation, so when exactly should you compromise (or not)?

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Top Places To Live In England

Despite recent economic uncertainty, it has been reported that Britain has never been a better place to live. January saw unexpected growth in GDP, and the UK has also been ranked 15th out of 156 in the UN’s annual World Happiness Report. Alongside these statistics, England does have some of the most beautifully diverse regions across the country. So, if you’re considering a move or a big relocation, where’s the perfect place to enjoy all of these benefits.

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Manchester launches hub to crack down on rogue landlords

The Greater Manchester Combined Authority is set to launch a rogue landlord hub, with a £128,000 allocation from the UK Government’s £2 billion fund to crackdown on rogue landlords. It will help ensure the minority of landlords who don’t provide safe and comfortable housing, can be prosecuted and tenants can more easily make and follow up on a complaint.

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Decorating Your Home for Easter

Easter Decor Is An Easy Egg To Crack

As we look forward to a well deserved four day weekend, it’s time to stock up on chocolate eggs, find things for the kids to do and, to get our homes Easter-ready.

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Cron Job Starts