Rental Sector Damage Could Hit £15bn

In a matter of weeks, the Coronavirus pandemic has spread to every corner of the world, and the UK has just announced a complete shut-down. While no one knows how long the situation will last, one thing is clear: the economic hit will be significant.

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A Landlord’s Guide to Coronavirus

As we face a global Covid-19 pandemic, governments around the world are using emergency powers to try and limit both the spread of the virus and its impact on our economies and way of life. In the UK, self-isolation, social distancing and lockdown requirements are making it pretty much impossible for us to go about business as usual. Most people are working from home or unable to work at all, and in many cases this will hit their finances hard – including their ability to pay rent.

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Government Plans to Introduce Lifetime Deposits

One of the biggest problems for any tenant when moving house is saving up a deposit for the landlord. And this is why the government is now planning to introduce lifetime deposits.

But what are these exactly? Here we look at the details to find out what they will involve and how they could potentially help tenants.

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Home cleaning tips for a spring clean

Spring is fast approaching, and it has never been a better time to blow away the cobwebs and give your home a deep clean. Spring is synonymous with starting fresh for the warmer months. It’s also an ideal time to get your property and garden looking and feeling great to enjoy longer days and create a sanctuary all year round.

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Tips for making a happy home as a renter

The number of people renting a property in the UK has increased in the past decade. In 2017, the Office for National Statistics placed the number of people renting at 4.5 million, with the largest age group of renters between the age of 25-34. However, it’s not just the younger generation renting more often. Older tenants have risen from 11% to 16% between 2007 and 2017.

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Joining The Home Team - A guide to working from home

In a televised update on Monday the 16th of March, Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, urged UK employees to begin working from home wherever possible in order to slow the spread of the Coronavirus.  For many people, this is unfamiliar territory and, some struggle to make the transition.  Although working from home can be a tricky concept to navigate, there are a few ways in which you can make this time easier and more productive.

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Cron Job Starts