Kitchen gadgets you may consider adding to your house - Are they worth it?

Home magazines are always filled with the appliances that promise to save you time, impress the neighbours, or make living in your home that bit more comfortable. Time has shown, though, that not all of them can really live up to the hype. How can you pick out which ones are worth the money, and which ones aren’t? Here’s our pick of the latest and greatest home gadgets that we think are well worth a spot in your home.

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Would you consider buying a property for £1 or €1?

Every year there seems to be another story in the press about an idyllic southern-European town where they’re selling beautiful old villas for €1 each. Most recently it was the town of Mussomeli in Sicily that started offering up dream properties for the price of a Mars bar. Is this too good to be true? Quite possibly.

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Evidence mounts that more "Rogue Landlords" really are being punished

The early months of 2019 suggested that following the increase in powers and money to seek out and punish rogue landlords in the private rental sector, there had been an increase in warnings, court action and fines. While there was some scepticism that this might not last, the flow of reports suggests it has and that more landlords are being punished for illegal and unscrupulous behaviour towards tenants.

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