First quarter of 2019 news round up

Looking back at the first three months of 2019, you could be forgiven for thinking its been all about Brexit and not much else. Of course, Brexit has featured heavily and affected decisions and developments across a multitude of industries in the UK. But, while it is among the property news we’ve selected from the first quarter of the year, its not the only interesting detail.

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Gift guide for Mother's Day

Forget the flowers and chuck the chocs this Mothers Day

With shouty signs in every shop window and bus stop, there’s no excuse for forgetting one of the most important days of the year.  Before you reach for the phone to put in your standard order for flowers and chocolates, we’ve put together our guide to gifts that will, without a doubt, see you coming up smelling of roses this Mothers Day.

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Small Sites, Small Builders programme launches in London

The Small Sites, Small Builders programme is an innovative new scheme that aims to help public landowners redevelop smaller plots of land into affordable housing. For a variety of reasons, these smaller sites can be more difficult to redevelop effectively, but in the right hands they can be used creatively to provide the quality affordable housing that London so urgently needs.

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Landlords want to cut their costs

UK landlords have seen the maintenance and running costs of their investment rental properties rise in recent years. Now, it appears they plan on making changes to reduce those costs. In addition, some 20% of landlords also intend to raise their rents to help make their properties that make up the UK’s still growing Private Rental Sector, more profitable.

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New rules to protect renters’ money

From April 1st 2019, all lettings agents who hold any client money in respect of rental accommodation, will be required to sign up to a Government-approved Client Money Protection scheme (CMP). The CMP scheme already exists, but on a voluntary basis, the new rules change membership to a mandatory requirement for all agents working in the private rental sector (PRS).

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Cron Job Starts