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What Ezylet can do for you!

What is a Strategic Partner

Ezylet wishes to collaborate with likeminded businesses and individuals to develop strategic partnership agreements (SPA). The main aim of a SPA is for both partners to cross promote each other’s businesses in a cost effective and strategic manner by way of online & offline marketing methods.

Imagine your business having

New customers

Expansion of your business

Access to technology & industry intelligence

Sharing resources for mutual benefit

Increased revenue

If You choose an Ezylet SPA

Promote your business

Promote your business to customers and new markets & work together to capitalize on our strengths

Savings & Brand

Increase your brand exposure & reduce your costs by leveraging with an SPA

Knowledge & Marketing

Gain industry knowledge and intelligence & have a dedicated marketing team available without the overhead of staff

Benefits & Rewards

SPA can give your business the edge to compete against larger companies. Imagine your business reaping the rewards that you currently don’t have.

An Ezylet SPA agreement will be customised with our partner and will encompass several key areas to reflect the needs of the partner including

Design & build of a Strategic Partner Portal

Social Media Campaigns

Print & Online Marketing

Emails campaigns to the Ezylet Database

Website content management

Report & Analysis

Obtaining a Quotation

Each SPA is tailor made and agreed with our potential partners. There is only one condition, a willingness to work together to design a SPA with mutual respect to produce a quotation suitable to both business partners. Please feel free to supply us with some basic information which can be found on the contact page and we will be in touch within 48 hours. Contact Us

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