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Accommodation Options

University or private halls

Most universities will offer first year students a place in halls. There are also privately owned halls of residence in many university towns, and cities as some universities do not have enough accommodation to offer their students. If you don’t know what to take or want to find out more about university accommodation, click here for our guide to hall life.

Living at home

Living at home is growing in popularity. In the face of fees and loans, this can make good sense, especially if you live near a great university or in a city with good transport links. With hall fees coming in a roughly 95% of current loan amounts, staying at home can make the expense of university much more manageable. Click here to find out more about the pros and cons of living at home during your studies.

Private rented accommodation

For some students, a quiet flat on their own sounds like bliss, and for others, a huge house-share with loads of friends is like an extension of the fun of halls and the only way to go. From one extreme to the other, the private rental sector has something for everyone, the trick is to get in early. You need to remember that a flat or house share means you will have to budget more carefully, instead of a flat rate that includes bills, now you will have weekly rent and your share of any bills to think about.

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