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Guide to moving out of home

Moving away from home can be truly liberating, or it can be scary depending on whether you’ve been champing at the bit to escape for years, or whether you’re really a bit of a home-bird.
Before you hit the shops, work out exactly what you will and won’t need. If you’re moving into halls, you probably won’t need a desk, lamp, bin or notice board. If you’re moving into your first house share, you won’t all need a toaster or kettle for example.
You will already know the items you really need to take like your toothbrush and clothes for example, but you might not have thought of some of these:

  • Important documents (you will need ID, university correspondence, bank details, insurance documents, and exam certificates)
  • Studying essentials (you have to supply your own at university! Pens, pencils, highlighters, A4 lined writing pad, folder and dividers, course books, academic planner, you may also need subject specific items like calculators and lab coats)
  • Bedroom supplies (invest in a decent double duvet and sheets to see you through your studies – it’s always best to use your own. Similarly, a mattress protector can give you real piece of mind, coat hangers, favourite teddy, actual printed photos to display of family and friends, and pets from home)
  • Kitchen supplies (a good student cookery book, good old Delia perhaps? A multi-purpose pan like a wok, cutlery, sharp knife, glasses, mugs, plates and bowls, Tupperware, coffee supplies, and cork screw)
  • Bathroom (small first aid kit including Paracetamol, towels, sanitary products for women, shaving kit for the men, contact lens supplies, a wash-bag with shampoo, shower gel, make-up, contraception, and two towels)
  • Clothing (remember this ain’t home! You need to research typical weather and don’t assume it’s going to be the same as home - students going to places like Manchester would do well to invest in good rain gear for example. You’ll also need any kit for team sports, and other fitness requirements).
  • Electrical must-haves (phone and charger, laptop, headphones, extension cords, games equipment, memory stick)
  • Assorted others (glasses, any dental necessities like retainers and gum shields, alcohol to start the party, bike, helmet, and lock)
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