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Part-time Students

While numbers of part time students are on the decline, there are a million reasons for studying on a part-time basis. With tuition fees, caring responsibilities, employment and a whole host of other factors, studying for a degree over a longer period can make real sense, especially if you’re trying to juggle studying with employment. We’ve got some great advice on UCAS, fees, duration, and housing to get you started on the road to your degree.

There are some special considerations to make however. Most universities now offer lots of options when it comes to the delivery of courses. Whether you are studying part time for an undergraduate or post-graduate degree though will affect your options. By and large, there are more opportunities for part time study for post-graduate degrees as these have traditionally attracted students who may have families, and are most likely working as well. That’s not to say there aren’t part time undergraduate courses – they might just be a little harder to find. You can select part time as a search option on the UCAS website, and it’s always a good idea to Google part time courses in your subject area as well.