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Pros & Cons of Renting

Living with a select bunch of mates or even on your own, opting for a privately rented house can make financial sense & give you some much-needed privacy. If you’re struggling to decide whether to opt for private rented accommodation, we’ve put together a quick guide to the pros & cons of all aspects of student living.

Not all students want the mayhem & excitement of a first year in halls. For some students, money issues, cultural background, or caring responsibilities mean that renting a house in their university town is the best option. In addition, for many students who live near to universities, may choose to rent a little nearer to avoid expensive commutes & so they can take advantage of all that university has to offer without the hall living.

The benefits of renting private accommodation are that you get a lot more privacy and peace to study. This may suit your cultural background, your personality, or your age in particular. Many students take this option so don’t feel that you will be alone. Remember that students come from all backgrounds and from all around the world.

Remember that if you choose to rent your student house privately, you will be as responsible for the property as any other renter. This means that you must take care not to damage the property and report necessary repairs as soon as possible to the landlord or agent. In addition, remember that you will be responsible for your share of any bills and for any optional extras like subscription services. On the plus side, full time students do not have to pay any council tax so if your housemates are also all full time students, the property will be exempt. However, it is your responsibility to make sure you provide proof of your status and make sure any paperwork is updated yearly.