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Credit Score
Credit Check
CCJ Check
Proof of residency
Affordability review
Employer Reference
Previous Landlord reference
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Are they who they say they are?

The referencing report will confirm that the details they have provided are correct and not false details. The report will verify the tenant using electoral rolls and other databases.

Credit Rating

By checking a tenant's credit history you can assess the likelihood of the applicant paying their rent on time. The lower the credit score the greater the risk.

County Court Judgements

Any county court judgements including past unpaid rents, etc will be included on the reference. A tenant who has any on their record may not be someone you wish to rent to as it shows they have defaulted on rent in the past.

Can they afford the rent?

Tenant references also checks their employment status. The referencing system can also calculate the rent to earnings ratio by cross checking earning amount provided by the tenant with those supplied during the checks.

How to Reference


Complete the information in the form below

Landlord Details Fill in your details, we will use this information to return the completed reference Rental Address Complete the details of the rental property Tenancy Terms What is the rental amount & terms of the tenancy? Tenant(s) Select the reference type & complete the information about the tenant(s). It is important this information is accurate as it will be used to complete the reference.


Click Finish

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Upon receipt of a successful payment

A confirmation email will be sent to the details you provided along with a copy of your invoice.

Completed references will be returned to you via email please allow the following timescales

Instant: 1-2 working days
Comprehensive: 3 working days


Prior to completing the form, please ensure you are not using incognito/privacy mode or have tracking protection enabled on your browser as this may affect the purchase process.



Referencing services are powered by Vericheck, Ezylet.com cannot be held liable for the content of the reference.
References are conducted & returned based on the information supplied. Ezylet.com cannot be held liable if accidental, false, fraudulent or incorrect information is provided any party. (eg spelling mistakes or name errors)

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