Bringing empty properties back into use

Bringing an empty home back into use can improve the whole neighbourhood. Empty homes are a wasted resource, especially when housing is in such short supply.

They can also be a blight on the neighbourhood and quickly become targets for crime and vandals, squatters and general anti-social behaviour.

An empty property could be a home for a family needing somewhere to live.

The cost of leaving a home empty

An empty home is an asset at risk. What should be making you money is costing you money.

It is estimated that the cost of leaving a home empty can be as high as £8,000 a year if you take in account lost rent, taxes, insurance and deterioration of the property value.

What you can do to get your empty home back into use

Your local council can help you get an empty home back into use so that it can help someone in housing need.

You have a number of options available:

  • Repair or convert the property so it can be lived in
  • Let the property direct to a tenant
  • Let the property through our Deposit Guarantee Scheme
  • Let the property through a private letting agent
  • Sell the property to a private developer or housing association
  • Sell the property on the open market
  • Sell the property at auction
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