Help to adapt or improve your home

Your local council will offer grants to adapt your home if you, or a member of your family, is disabled. These are known as Disabled Facility Grants and Adaptation Grants.

Who can apply for help?

You can apply for help if you are registered, or eligible to be registered, as disabled.

How to apply for help?

To apply, you will need to contact the occupational therapy team or housing department of your local council.

A member of the team will take some information and tell you what happens next.

What the grants cover?

The grant will cover anything that the occupational therapist thinks you need to help you remain independent in your home. This could be a stairlift, a level access shower, ramps or, in some cases, an extension to provide a specialist room for your use.

Amount of grant available

You can get a grant of up to £30,000, but you will be means tested to see if you need to pay anything towards the cost of the work. By means testing, they mean that they will consider:

  • If you receive Income Support, Guaranteed Pension Credit, council tax support or Working Tax Credit
  • Your income and savings